Zee Sweet® Cultivar Introduction

Zee Sweet® brand fruit is available in white-fleshed and yellow-fleshed peaches and nectarines and also Pluot® interspecific plums, a fantastic new plum-apricot cross.

Zee Sweet® is new-generation fruit and your customers will appreciate the difference in quality, texture and flavour of this fabulous new stonefruit.

Zee Sweet® stonefruit does not employ GMO technology.

About flavour

Zee Sweet® fruits are specially selected for their sweet, unique flavour.

Flavour is very subjective and difficult to describe. We have chosen three terms as a means of identifying the varying degrees of fruit acid balance against sweetness:

  • Lo-sweet - A very low sugar-acid balance.
  • Mid-sweet - Increased sweetness with slightly more flavour balance.
  • Hi-sweet - Very sweet, whilst maintaining flavour balance.

Zee Sweet has a new and different flavour to other stonefruits and should be eaten while still firm and crunchy.

Flesh colour

Zee Sweet peaches and nectarines are available in both white flesh and yellow flesh.

Pluot® interspecific plums

Zee Sweet encompasses more than peaches and nectarines. This season will see the introduction of Pluot® interspecific plums to the Australian shelves.

Pluot® interspecific plums are the result of many years traditional breeding by the same breeder that has brought us the new Zee Sweet peaches and nectarines.

A cross between a plum and and apricot with the major parentage being plum, Pluots can accurately be described as simply delicious! Zee Sweet Pluots feature the skin and texture of the plum, but without the harsh, sometimes bitter aftertaste, while encompassing the soft, sweet aromas of the very best apricots. Pluots come in a wide range of colours including yellow, purple and reds.

In random, informal observations though summer 2000/01, adults and children alike chose Pluot interspecific plums over traditional plums of all types.

Zee Sweet believes Pluots will become a major new product, and over the coming years, many more similar new products are set to change the way consumers perceive stonefruit.

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